Weight Loss Tips

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 4.15.41 PMThe birds are returning, the temperatures are rising, and the flowers are blooming which can only mean one thing: Spring has sprung. With spring basically upon us, it’s time to start breaking out the tank tops, shorts, and cute cropped tops. This can only lead to one fear-inducing thought: how much winter weight has found its way onto my body. Before we know it summer will be here. Here are a few tips to shed some of that loathsome winter weight to get bikini body ready again:

  1. Drink Water. This is possibly the mot important tip there is. Try to drink a cup of water before every meal. Often times we eat thinking were hungry when in reality, we are just dehydrated. Drinking water will curb your appetite and help put an end to that constant overeating. The more water you drink, the more full you feel and the water can even boost your metabolism. Add lemon or other fruits for a bit of flavor
  2.  Eat Breakfast. A healthy and balanced breakfast will help keep you feeling satisfied   much longer. Try to eat a breakfast filled with fiber, protein, and some whole grains.
  3. Portion Control. Portion control is the key to having all you ever wanted in the world. Ok, maybe not. But it is a huge part in losing and maintaining weight. Try to  eat on smaller plates at each meal. Also, drink a cup of water before each meal. This    will help you eat less than you normally would.
  4.  Get Moving. Whether it is walking, running, swimming, or hitting the gym, it all helps when it comes to slimming down. The more you move the more the scale will move!  Another good tip is to try to aim for at least  10,000 steps a day.
  5. A switch a day keeps the fat away.  It does not matter how much you exercise if you are not going to eat proper foods. A healthier diet is key to losing weight. Switch out the cheeseburger for grilled chicken. Or have a vegetable as a side, instead of rice. Craving something sweet? Eat fruit or a small piece of dark chocolate. Making even  just one small change a day will help you to reach your end goals.

These are just five simple ways that can help you get ready for summer. Each of these smaller changes add up in the big picture 🙂


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